Welcome to my home page. My name is Bill Becker and I live in Casper Wyoming. I've been involved in this great hobby since December 1966 though there were extended periods of time when I did "lose" interest.  I'm also very proud to say that I am a member of the Spirit of 33 Doubles group who's Logo you see above. To see some of the fine work done by this group, click on this link: 33 doubles  To join the group, click here: Spirit of 33 Yahoo Group

I'm currently practicing my skills with a digital camera and have some links to the work I've done so far. I also have an equipment page that currently shows my top 5 scopes as well as my 2 favourite diagonals. All pages will be updated from time to time so please visit often. ;^)
Here, you will find links to some of my favourite websites. Enjoy!

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This site is dedicated to the memory of Amanda Stevens, aka Ultimatesin, who died Oct. 10, 2002 in a tragic auto accident. She will be greatly missed.